January 29, 2020 The Trees Blessed You

January 29, 2020  The Trees Blessed You

“The Trees Blessed You”

The day after the Gatherings around the world, where we activated the Net of Light for the trees, I asked the Grandmothers if there was anything they wanted to tell us.  

“Your group at Laguna Woods did well,” they said. “Everyone pulled together and you accomplished what we asked you to do.  Many trees are now connected to the Net of Light.  Keep on going,” they said.  “Keep calling on everyone to do this work.  Each person who understands what we’re doing, who is committed to supporting this movement toward unity with Nature is needed. All of you who met yesterday were united in this task, and many more joined in with you. Yesterday, the map of the world lit up! 
“And now,” the Grandmothers said, “each of these people will carry this connection with nature.  The connection is anchored in them and they will carry it wherever they go.  From now on, wherever their eyes light, wherever their thoughts turn and their hands reach will receive this blessing from the trees,” and I looked up in surprise.  “The trees blessed us?” I said, confusion in my voice.  “Yes,” they laughed.  “You didn’t know it, but yesterday the trees blessed you!
“You thought that we’d called you together to work in service to the plant kingdom.  You thought you were doing this to help your planet, doing it to support the trees.  Well,” they said, “you were doing that, AND it was your burning desire to help the trees that opened your hearts so wide that the trees were able to fill them.  For example,” they said, “when you sat silently around that old sycamore yesterday, she linked deeply with you; she filled and blessed you.
“Many times, we have told you, ‘The moment of giving is the moment of receiving,’ and that proved true again yesterday.  As your hearts opened in prayer and as you made your offering of water to that ancient mother tree, She gave to you, and now,” they smiled knowingly and shook their heads, “you will never be the same.  You will never again be indifferent to nature in any of her forms.  You will never again feel separate from her. Yesterday she called you home, home with her.  Feel that now,” they said and I closed my eyes and turned my attention inward.  “Feel her arms around you, feel her heart wrapped with yours.  You are breathing with her,” the Grandmothers said.  “You are kin now and ever will be kin.”
Then they stood back and, holding me with their eyes, gave me a long, long look.  And, from the look they were giving me, I understood that what they were telling me now was for everyone.  “We have come into your lives,” they said, “to bring you love, to abolish fear and awaken you to the joy of a loving family.  You are part of the family of life, and because of the work you did yesterday, your family now includes all of nature.  In the days and weeks and months to come, you will begin to recognize this more and more. And this is going to make you very happy.”  Then, gazing at me with their hearts in their eyes, the Grandmothers said, “Welcome home.”

To learn more about the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org 

Animals Helping One Another in the Fires in Australia
Letter from Australia 
“We  are still getting rain.  Two nights ago we got 5 inches in 6 hours.  Some areas got 12 inches.  Our dam, that was nearly empty, is now almost full overnight.  Some of the springs that feed into it have started again.  The frogs have gone nuts and laid eggs in most of the ponds (we have 13 ponds and the dam).   Young rain-forest trees (we have done a lot of re-vegetation work here in the last 8 years) that were close to dying from lack of water have begun shooting again.  Everything, including us, is breathing a sigh of relief.  
There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Love and blessings to all of those who are holding the Net of Light for us.  It is making a difference.
On a positive note there have been no reported wombat injuries by the wildlife carers.  Their burrows go deep underground with many interconnecting tunnels.  They have been allowing other animals to shelter in the burrows with them.  There have been reports of  a wide variety of animals coming out of these holes after the fire front has passed.  Ecidna’s, reptiles, rabbits,  and even small wallabys to name a few.
Love and blessings
A Happy Wombat!