October 20, 2019 Newsletter

October 20, 2019 Newsletter

A song perfectly aligned with the Grandmothers’ message


The morning after the Heartland Gathering held October 13th -15th, this song was discovered on a Facebook post by one of the attendees, who sent it along to Sharon.  WOW.  Experience the beautiful sentiment, and watch the unfolding imagery of women around the world move with joy and compassion to it’s powerful message.


Keb' Mo' - Put a Woman in Charge feat. Rosanne Cash (Official Music Video)

Mysterious ‘cosmic web’ that sticks the universe together pictured for the first time


The Great Council of the Grandmothers call it the Net of Light.  
“The Net of Light is the Fabric of Being of the Universe,” they say.
“This is the Net of Light that will hold the Earth together.  Meditate on this Net.  Use it to support one another, to support the Earth, and to strengthen the energy of yin on this planet.” Several times in the last five years scientists have confirmed the discovery of the Net of Light, and each time they’ve grown more convinced of its importance.


This new report is from an October 8th article by Charlotte Edwards, Digital Technology and Science Reporter for The Sun. It reads:


The cosmic web responsible for ‘gluing’ the far-flung galaxies of the universe together has been directly observed for the first time ever.


Scientists using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope were able to spot an ancient cluster of galaxies 12 billion light years away that are linked together by a network of gas filaments. The cosmic web theory is central to current explanations of how the universe formed after the Big Bang. However, until this observation, there had only been indirect evidence to suggest it exists.
Erika Hamden, an astrophysicist at the University of Arizona said: “These observations of the faintest, largest structure in the universe are a key to understanding how our universe evolved through time, how galaxies grow and mature, and how the changing environments around galaxies created what we see around us.” 
It is thought that the cosmic web is the scaffolding of the cosmos and provides the framework for galaxies to form and evolve.  
— as published in The Guardian
The Grandmothers teach us how to work with the Net of Light to uphold the earth during these times of change in our world.  According to science, the Net of Light is the largest living construct in the Universe.  It anchors light throughout the cosmos and is presently holding our planet steady.  To learn more about the Great Council of the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org.  And if you feel called to join a Net of Light group or start one yourself, please contact us.  
We spread the Grandmothers’ message and teach others how to work with the Net of Light. This we do as service so there is no charge.  


Beacons Speak:
Working with the Children




I’m an energetic therapist who went to the Net of Light workshop in Belgium, September 18th.  I was careful to come without expectations, but Spirit had made me feel that this evening would be special.  Some years ago, I took a healers’ training with a friend.  Els and I did trance journeys for each other then, asking our ‘soul’s energy’ what we could do in this life, and I was shown that one of my goals/purposes was to work with the Net of Light.

Every day I work with healing, but not really in this way … until this workshop.  It was a long drive to the meeting, so I came with two friends, but when we arrived, Els was also there and I just happened to sit behind her.

Sharon told her story and all of a sudden, there it was — the Net of Light! Sharon asked the uneven rows to stand up then and Els got up and turned around to me so we could pass on the Grandmothers’ Empowerment to each other.  There were tears in our eyes and a smile on our faces when we saw that we were to work together.   “You know what you have to do!” said Els, and the Empowerment followed.


I have experienced synchronicities from the spirit world before and for this I am immensely grateful.  I had put on a golden scarf that morning which I had only worn once for a wedding, and now Els covered me with it.  She passed the Empowerment to me with my own golden scarf and when we sat down, I went deep inside myself.  Sharon had talked about groups that work with the Net of Light, and my first ‘rational’ thought was to start a group like this, but I work mainly with children and so I thought about that.

I work with dear ones who are challenged with language, as in autism, downs syndrome, high sensitivity … and as I thought about them, suddenly the image became clear!  I shall do this pure lightwork with children!  And then I saw an image of myself guiding them to work with the Net of Light, in love and from the heart.  These children are the future, so this felt totally right to me.  After the meeting my heart called me to share this with Sharon (which I don’t normally do because I don’t like to draw attention to myself) but I did it.  She found the idea so beautiful that she encouraged me to send her an email. “I would like to share this on our website,” were her words and those words woke me up this morning.  So, this is why I share my story here — and now we will start the work, covering these precious children with the Net of Light.

Silvia Dello, Beacon in Belgium


Note: The Grandmothers invite us to ceremonially cover children with a scarf as They (the Grandmothers) cover them with the radiant Net of Light.  The Net of Light will protect them, enfolding and enclosing them in an embrace of love and light.  They can then call on the Net of Light for comfort and protection whenever they need it.