October 7, 2019 “Feminine power has not been embodied on Earth for a long time”

October 7, 2019 “Feminine power has not been embodied on Earth for a long time”
“Feminine power has not been embodied on Earth for a long, long time.”
—  What follows is an excerpt from the Grandmothers’ first book, A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak  
 … the Grandmothers surprised me by showing me my early years, especially my struggle to become a woman.  And as scenes from my childhood flashed before me, I saw and felt myself as I was then — not a memory but a re-living. Ten years old, fearful and anxious as I went down the cellar stairs, thirteen, longing for something better to come to me as I swung on the maple tree and gazed down the road.
Reliving the pain and courage of those years now gave me so much compassion for my young self.  “When you were growing up you had to teach yourself how to become a strong woman,” the Grandmothers said.  “The women in your mother’s generation and those before her never moved into the power of their womanhood.  If young girls have not seen a woman stand firmly and comfortably in her power, the concept of a powerful female will be foreign, even frightening to them.  Feminine power has not been embodied on earth for a long, long time.” 
When they showed me myself as a young woman I saw how hard I had worked at everything, and how tired I was.  In my attempt to become ‘powerful’, I had juggled graduate school, a teaching job, caring for young children and a husband, and nearly always did two or three things at the same time. 
And when I saw how I had jokingly referring to this habit as ‘taking advantage of myself’, I cried.  Too much striving, too much yang energy and the excessive stress that accompanied it had made me sick.  Over time I had developed chronic headaches, back pain and exhaustion. 
Living for years in endless ‘doing,’ I now manifested what the Grandmothers called “the yang imbalance.”  This was why now I must journey so often for healing.  I so desperately longed to live a balanced life that when they said, “Your life will become a pleasure as the energy of yin fills you,” I sobbed in relief.
I had spent my life trying to be all things to everyone, yet all the striving I had done to become ‘powerful’ had made me weaker, not stronger.  Over and over again I had tried on the yang model of power only to discover that it didn’t fit. So when they said, “Because of the world’s present excess of yang and its insufficiency of yin, woman is suffering from her own impotence,”  I knew exactly what they meant.
 — Chapter 5, page 35, A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak,  by Sharon McErlane 
The Grandmother teach us how to work with the Net of Light to uphold the earth during these times of change in our world.  According to science, the Net of Light is the largest living construct in the Universe.  It anchors light throughout the cosmos and is presently holding our planet steady.  To learn more about the Great Council of the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light, go to netoflight.org.  And if you feel called to join a Net of Light group or start one yourself, please contact us.  
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Beacons Speak 
Aasta from Lithuania writes:
” I would like to say thanks to you, for coming to Europe.  I’m so happy I could be the part of this Grandmothers Gathering in Ireland. 
Here is my story about my trip home to Lithuania.  I was looking for a bus to the airport at Drogheda bus station.  The bus was to come at 2 pm. but the situation at the bus station was quite confusing, since there was no one to ask for information, except some bus drivers.  One said the bus will arrive in 2:05, the other – in 2:15… So I was waiting … According to the time table the bus has to be there at 2 pm. 
At 2:15 and there’s no bus to the airport!  So I started to get nervous – what if the bus will not come?  And I remembered: “just ask the Grandmothers!  They’ll give you what you ask or even something better.”  And I asked Grandmothers to take me to the airport in time.  Then another thought came – if the bus don’t come, another option is to go – by taxi.  I’ll be in time, but it will be very expensive.  “So, please, Grandmothers, take me to the airport at a reasonable price.” 
Then I looked around and noticed an elderly man with a suitcase.  He is probably waiting for a bus to airport also.  Maybe it’s worth to ask him about it..?  I asked him and, since he was an Irish man, he explained me, that here, in Ireland, it’s normal to be late 20 min.  When the bus came, he asked me to go together – he had a free pass and could take one other person for free.  So he took me!
 Finally I reached the airport! In time, and not only for a reasonable price, but for free! 
My story is not about the money.  It’s about the Grandmothers promise: “Just ask and we will give you – what you ask or even something better.”
I had heard it before, but this time I REALLY heard it.
Leia from Texas writes:
In response to the Grandmothers’ last newsletter, this is indeed the time.  I know this as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  This time of continued Intercession is the time to pray without ceasing.  The Grandmothers know this deep wisdom and we all are invited to share in this Presence of Light, as the melting occurs for the yang within the heart of the yin. 
It’s a rocking to and fro while we pray at the Tree of Everlasting Life where the fruits of The Spirit are.   It reminds me of that scene from the movie Avatar from 9 years ago when they sat in front of the tree chanting and rocking to heal the Mother. 
This present cycle was birthed into the heart of the Mother really hard this last month. I felt it deeply.
The vibration is one of returning to the pure heart for all … and women are responsible and capable of doing this so well!!  I am so with you in your travels as this darkness continues so we may say in our Divine Being: Let there be light !
So much love!!
Leia Meryt