November 4, 2019 Newsletter Working With Nature

November 4, 2019 Newsletter Working With Nature
Working With the Spirits of Nature


Grateful thanks to everyone who held people, animals, plants and nature in the Net of Light during the recent fires in California.  In most areas of the state, the fires have now calmed down and so the purpose of this letter is to let you know what great good took place because of the work you did to help quell these fires. 
You responded from your heart, connected through the Net of Light and held Light and Love steady for the endangered areas.  When the winds reached frightening velocity, we sent out an SOS on Facebook, asking people to hold California and all life, including the spirits of nature, in the Net of Light.  Well, a few hours after that SOS, I woke in the middle of the night and it was quiet — the winds had died down.  Then I became aware of a soft, enveloping embrace and I don’t think I’ve ever been more pleasantly surprised.  It was the spirits of nature!  They had drawn close to me and were holding me so tenderly as if I were a dear family member.  It was so personal … and loving.
The work all of us had done earlier that night with the Net of Light to calm the spirits of nature and restore harmony between humanity and the elemental kingdom had done some real good.  Now the spirits of nature felt safe enough to reach out and embrace us!  And though I’ve read about others having contact with ‘elemental’s’ as they call them, I never expected to experience such a personal connection.  We had reached out to work with them and now they were reaching out to us! 
From the time the Grandmothers first appeared, they told us, With the return of God the Mother will come a return to harmony between all forms of life. The excesses of patriarchy have pushed life on Earth to the brink, but We have come to avert the catastrophe that hangs over your planet.” 
They taught us how to work with the Net of Light that’s holding our planet during these turbulent times, and, in the last few years they’ve encouraged us to start working with the spirits of nature.  The idea of nature spirits, of being able to contact them is, to say the least, a foreign subject for many of us.  But after the Grandmothers asked, a few of us began to work with them and when the fires came and the Grandmothers asked for our help, large numbers of us jumped into the work.  The Grandmothers had asked us to form a harmonious bond between nature and humanity and so we tried to do that.
Well … we succeeded!  The bond has now been formed, and not a moment too soon.  We live in a time of natural disaster after natural disaster.  These are the ‘times of change’ the Grandmothers warned us about years ago.  But we needn’t collapse in despair each time there’s a flood, tornado, oil spill, hurricane, or other calamity.  Now we have a REAL way to help calm the spirits of nature, a real way to harmonize the human kingdom with the elemental kingdom.  And it’s not complicated. It’s simple.  It’s about love and connecting in love.
Each time you work with the radiant Net of Light to support life on Earth, include the spirits of nature.  The Earth herself is sacred and all life on Earth is sacred — ALL life.  Together we can re-awaken the sacred here on Earth and re-sanctify our planet.  The Grandmothers tell us, “There is no mundane world. The world itself is sacred.” 
Freydoon Rassouli
A Letter of Gratitude and Joy from the 
First Swiss Gathering
Dear Net of Light friends
We DID it, our first outdoor Net of Light/Grandmother Event in Switzerland was a great success with 31 participants (at least 1/3 men! Sooo many tears of joy as they were soo touched by the male empowerment…). It was held at a power place in Switzerland, where our big healer, Emma Kunz, used to live and work in former times. SHE is a Grandmother, too, for all of the Swiss people… In the cave we did the Net of Light meditation and the Hooponopono-Song.
The next outdoor events will be in Spring 2020, one is planned on our “Queen” Mountain, Rigi, a powerful and very female mountain overlooking the Lake of Lucerne. And more is planned, eventually also with our Beacon from the Italian Speaking part in the Ticino.
In March, we will have the next indoor meeting with Barblin. Oh yessss!
Exciting greetings to all of you!
Barblin, Joana & Swiss Beacons

Lightweavers Team Formed
For Special Requests
We have just formed a Light Weavers team that stands ready to respond to any requests for help.  All of us are connected within the radiant Net of Light, so we are supported in light and love twenty-four hours a day.  But, if it makes you feel comforted and more connected to request the Light Weavers support, send your request to: and the Weavers will hold you and/or your request in the Net of Light.  It is our joy to do this work.


— Sharon & the Net of Light team

A Male Beacon Speaks:
The Birthing of the Male
Up here in the Pacific Northwest, this part of the year can get a tad dreary … the never-ending cloud cover makes my mind and bones squeak.  And yet to quiet all of that, I need only direct my attention to the people holding the Net of Light.  You know the ones, their Heart-Space radiates out.  And while the gray may still be there in front of me, all the colors get more vibrant when I think of them.  There is a quiet power in that.  And in those moments an envelope of support surrounds everything in-and-around me.  I can feel the Cloak of Comfort nurturing me — so deeply needed by all men.  The male energy that is up-held by the many powerful and lovely individuals that live and breathe the Divine Feminine is changing for the better now.  Yes, the gray is present, but the light is breaking through.  The work is fruitful, and small-man is becoming Healthy-Male.
It gets gray here and grayer yet in the current news of the world.  But I am a man who is upheld by the security of the Net of Light, shining brighter because of those who hold it steady.  A healthy Male-ness is now being re-birthed and in the process, the Feminine suffers.  The wailing from the pain of it evidently cannot be helped.  It seems it is destined to be this way, but good God!  I do not know the why of it.  May the Divine deliver us all!
The birthing of the Male is now fully due, and coming into his own solely from the efforts of the Divine Feminine.  And the Divine Feminine is strengthened by all of you who hold steadfast despite the unbearable pains.  You ALL are the Birth-Mothers, the God-Mothers … the Divinely appointed Mid-Wives … Change Agents all.
Me? I will wait here and suffer my ever present angst, filled with despair for not being able to help Nature take Her course.  Now is when I Trust in the Net of Light and find comfort that all of You hold the light present.  Without all of YOU, man would be lost and I certainly would be less.  Thank you to ALL who rest within their own gifts and hold fast the overflowing love that is bearing Man into his True Being.  I will support these, your efforts with every breath.
J.D. St. Clair, Bellingham, Washington