GDPR Compliance information

Whilst we are here, we would also like to add a brief note about GDPR Compliance.

GDPR is a piece of legislation that was approved in April 2016. It replaces a previous law called the Data Protection Directive and is aimed at harmonizing rules across the 28-nation EU bloc. The aim of the legislation is to give consumers control of their personal data collected by companies.

Net of Light only stores your email address when you sign up to receive the newsletter.

Other than your email address, to receive the Net of Light newsletter, you are not required to enter any other personal information.

Net of Light holds information of its subscribers , that the Subscriber themselves have entered into their profile upon subscribing for the newsletter. You as a Subscriber , have full access to understanding what information of yours is stored by Net of Light, by accessing your profile in the respective mailing list websites we use for the different languages and selecting “Edit Profile”, or by using the handy link below:

details for Constant Contact / Mailchimp or other lists go below.

Net of Light does not share your personal details with any third parties, and should this change in the future, you will be contacted beforehand to notify you of such changes.

Under the GDPR legislation, you have the right to be ‘forgotten’, and this can be done by removing your contact information by contacting Net of Light’s Volunteer Support Team, using the “Contact Us” button found at the top of any page within the Net of Light website. Upon removing your contact information, all of your personal details are deleted from the Net of Light mailing list providers and/or the netoflight website and are no longer stored.