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“Speak to us: We are here for you when you need us”

The Grandmothers say…”We have come to restore yin to full Beauty/Power and return the world to balance.  We will do this primarily through individual women and we are calling you to this work.”

The Grandmothers are asking us to deepen in the Net of Light Blessing work.

So it is time to renew and refresh guidelines for all Beacons who hold Net of Light group meetings so that all can be in alignment with the purpose the Grandmothers, the Net of Light and of the purpose of the Net of Light meetings.

Some of us who are touched by the message of the Grandmothers Net of Light may wish to help spread the word by hosting a local group as an act of service. There are only three ‘rules’ to running a local group and these are by request of the Grandmothers:

What is required of a Beacon?

As a Beacon become fully versed in the messages of the Grandmothers so that you can
confidently explain them. Read Sharon’s books and search the website.
Make a commitment to living these messages to the best of your ability and to reflect/be? example the divine feminine, the power of yin in your every day life.

You are an example to those who attend your group and your support and acknowledgment of each one is important.

What is the purpose of group meetings?

The purpose is to spread and practice the messages of the Grandmothers and to teach
others how to work with the Net of Light.
It is a Beacon’s role to create and hold sacred space for the group and to engage group
members in this important step.

Explain the Net of Light, its purpose, how to anchor and amplify its Power and that this is
selfless service to all that lives. Include rituals and ceremonies to reflect this.
The Grandmothers ask that each time we meet we work with the Net of Light. (see Sharon’s example of the Net Of Light Meditation here)

Encourage discussions on the messages of the Grandmothers, from Sharon’s books,
to deepen understanding and to glean the deep wisdom that is offered to all.

Pass on the Empowerment to women and the Cloak of Comfort to men. (see Sharon giving the Empowerment here

Spend time in silence after the meditations and ceremonies to integrate the experience.
Group energy amplifies the Love that we share with each other and radiate to all life.
Sing the Grandmothers’ songs.

We each blossom in our own way and your group will reflect your way. Ask the Grandmothers to guide you in this blessing work.

How to deal with a disruptive energy in a group?

Sometimes this occurs. Stay steady and don’t engage in argumentative behavior. Possibly switch to singing, movement or reading from the books. Keep discussions on the Grandmothers messages, they are simple and powerful and don’t
require interpretation.  The Grandmothers say that this work is not for everyone.

How to respond to those who ask for personal healing.

When someone makes such a request discourage lengthy details and ask the group to
Cast the Net of Light to those in need of healing. Spend some time in silence and offer
a blessing to this person.
Although there maybe healing practitioners within the group this is not a time for personal
Ask the Grandmothers to guidance and seek the highest good for all.
There is a designated group for healing requests…

To honor and strengthen these teachings keep the focus of group meetings solely on the messages of the Grandmothers and the Net of Light blessing work.


1 – to work with the Net of Light at each meeting:

The Grandmothers explain that whenever we come together, working with the Net is a service we perform for ourselves and everything that lives, and that each time we work with the Net of Light, we magnify it’s power.  For most people, working with the Net of Light takes the form of meditation, but you are welcome to get creative so long as the core concept is as the Grandmothers have shown us.   (see Sharon’s example of the Net Of Light Meditation here)

2 – to offer Empowerments when needed:  

This may not be every time you meet, just when new members come, and wish to receive.
(see Sharon giving the Empowerment here

Know that the Grandmothers will speak and work through you , however if you need a ‘script’ here is the explanation and an example. Please don’t feel limited by it, it is something to work from if you don’t know where to start. The Grandmothers Empowerment explanation .  (click here for the translated spanish version )

3 – not to personally profit from your meetings: ???

We can invite voluntary donations towards the work but this shouldn’t be a barrier for those attending, unless you need to recoup costs such as room hire.  Also, meetings shouldn’t turn into business networking opportunities, either for you as host or for those attending. If people wish to chat and exchange contact information try to make sure it happens outside of the meeting space.  (see Net of Light Monetary Philosophy here )

The format and structure of meetings is very individual. Ask/allow the Grandmothers to do all the work! Relax and work in a way that makes you comfortable, and trust the Grandmothers! It really isn’t about us, our capacities, skills and experience, except in so far as it’s helpful for holding the space and managing any group dynamics. There are plenty of resources and suggestions for activities. Each of Sharon’s three books has a final chapter containing all the meditations. There are also interviews, songs and meditations on-line: go to the media tab on our website or look for more video material here.  We highly recommend our new video of the Net of Light Meditation. It is just beautiful!  

It might be very helpful to attend some other Beacon’s meeting for a while before starting, to feel more comfortable with the materials and possible formats. If that’s not possible your Regional Coordinator (RC) will try and match you with an existing Beacon for more long-distance support and mentoring. 


One Beacon’s experience:  Miriam Levenson has been a Beacon in Belgium for many years. She shares her own journey about what becoming a Beacon has been for her, and gives great suggestions as to how one can run a meeting. Remember though that the Grandmothers work through each of us in a unique and perfect way; these are only suggestions.
Miriam’s suggestions

Meeting of One: Solace and Support with wisdom from Sharon. We are never alone; our meeting is with the Grandmothers. Sparkling and uplifting – when we may be doubting our purpose in running a meeting where you are holding space alone.
Meeting of One

Net of Light Monetary Philosophy: A more in-depth discussion of the Grandmothers’ perspective on staying as far away from commerce as possible.
Monetary Philosophy

Sample of a flyer you can use to invite people:
Flyer New Meeting

As is the way with Grandmothers’ work, there is no copyright on these and you are welcome to share them, just please make sure it is known that the Grandmothers and the Net of Light is the source.

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