Beacon Resource Page

“We are calling you to this work.” 

So, you now are feeling the call of the Grandmothers, and you want to  start holding meetings,  where do you begin ?

REMEMBER: Your Regional Coordinator is always there for you.
You can come to this page for information at any time but it does not replace having a conversation with your Regional Coordinator

Among the Grandmothers family the term ‘Beacon’ is used to refer to all who embrace the Grandmothers’ message. Some are called to begin holding meetings. They are referred to as ‘Beacon-Hosts’. Please do not get confused with the terminology, because many think “Beacon” is one who holds meetings but in fact, all who work with the Net of Light are Beacons.

So, what is required of a Beacon-Host?

  • Highly recommended! Become familiar with the rich material on the website. Especially:  songs, meditations, short talks by Sharon, Newsletters, Teachings
  • It might be very helpful to attend another Beacon’s meeting for a while before starting, to feel more comfortable with the materials and possible formats. If that’s not possible, your Regional Coordinator (RC) will try and match you with an existing Beacon for more long-distance support and mentoring.
  • Make a commitment to living these messages to the best of your ability and to becoming an example of the Divine Feminine, embodying the power of yin in your everyday life.
  • Share the messages with those who express interest.
  • Make a commitment to develop a heart-based relationship with your Regional Coordinator, this includes communicating on a regular basis.  You represent a strong nexus on the Net of Light and will both benefit from this connection.

What is the purpose of group meetings?

  • We come together to integrate the messages of the Grandmothers into our hearts and lives, and to anchor the Net of Light for the greater good of all beings.

  • It is a Beacon-Host’s role to create and hold sacred space for the group and to engage group members in this as well.

  • Illustrate through example the Net of Light, how to anchor and amplify its power and that this is selfless service to all that lives.  You may include rituals and ceremonies to reflect this.

  • Open up to the living experience/prayer of the Net of Light and the Grandmothers in the company of one another.

  • Each of us blossoms in our own way and your group will reflect your way.  Ask the Grandmothers to guide you in this blessing work.

IMPORTANT: There are essential elements in holding a meeting, please read these in the Framework for the Grandmothers’ Meetings



How to deal with disruptive energy in a group?

  • If this occurs, stay grounded and don’t engage in argumentative behavior.

  • Try “turning it around;” perhaps a ‘problem’ can be addressed by giving the person a way of serving the Grandmothers.  

  • Keep discussions on the Grandmothers’ messages, they are simple and powerful and don’t require interpretation.

  • Your Regional Coordinator will try to help you with any specific issues you may be having.

  • Remember, this work is not for everyone.  Some find their path elsewhere; not all are meant to serve in this way.

How to respond to those who ask for personal healing?

  • When someone makes a request, discourage lengthy details.

  • Redirect the group to Cast the Net of Light to all those in need of healing.

  • Spend some time in silence and offer a blessing to this person.

  • Although there may be healing practitioners within the group, this is not the time for personal counseling.

  • Ask the Grandmothers for guidance, and seek the highest good for all.

  • If desired, a request for holding a person or situation in the Net of Light may be sent to our own special team:

  • To honor and strengthen these teachings, keep the focus of group meetings solely on the messages of the Grandmothers and the Net of Light blessing work.


Meeting of One:  If you intend to hold meetings but people are not yet coming, the Meeting of One is the way to hold sacred space and commune with the Grandmothers.

Net of Light Monetary Philosophy: A more in-depth discussion of the Grandmothers’ perspective on staying as far away from commerce as possible.
Monetary Philosophy

Sample of a flyer you can use to invite people:
Flyer New Meeting

As is the way with Grandmothers’ work, there is no copyright on these and you are welcome to share them, just please make sure it is known that the Grandmothers and the Net of Light is the source mentioning