Framework for the Grandmothers’ Meetings

Since Covid, Grandmothers’ Net of Light meetings have changed and now include people with years of experience and those who are new to the Grandmothers. To address these different needs and to support the Net of Light work at this time, the Grandmothers have given us a basic template to use in our meetings. It puts the Net of Light Meditation towards the beginning of the meetings, to amplify the Net of Light for participants and for the world. Each meeting also includes reading the Grandmothers’ words (their books or newsletters), and passing on the Empowerment.

Those who feel called to hold Grandmothers’ Net of Light meetings have themselves read the books, received the Empowerment, and cast the Net of Light to all beings in a daily practice. Within the Yin energy of the Grandmothers, the meetings unfold with singing, ceremony, meditation and prayer. The Grandmothers guide each Beacon so that, at a meeting, everything that takes place, fulfills this Grandmothers’ request: “We ask you to ‘live’ our message.”


 Specific Beacon Guidelines for Meetings:

  • Reaffirm the purpose of coming together—to support one another as we learn to live the Grandmothers’ message. Invite in the Grandmothers: “Grandmothers, speak through me, listen through me, think through me, and love through me.”
  • Cast the Net of Light: Again, do this toward the opening of the meeting, to invoke the presence of the Grandmothers and to enable the work to go deep and broadcast powerfully.
  • Read aloud from a Grandmothers’ book, or Newsflash message. (one person reads one or two paragraphs, then another reads, taking turns. When something prompts discussion, encourage it). Proceed like this so people get a chance to participate. Often the leader must hold individual responses to one or two minutes so everyone gets a chance to share.
  •  After concluding the meeting, offer the Empowerment to women who want it, men may receive the Cloak of Comfort if they wish (see Sharon giving the Empowerment here   &  The Grandmothers Empowerment explanation )
  • Songs, meditations, small group work, chants, can be woven into this structure. Keep the focus on the Grandmothers—there are many great teachings available, but the Grandmothers ask us to ‘live (their) message). The Grandmothers’ songs, meditations, etc. are rich and easily accessible on so, for the most part we stick with them.

Beacons who step forward to lead may want to partner with someone and those who are called to be Beacons and hold meetings but who don’t yet have a group, can begin with the Meeting of One, trusting that the Grandmothers will call those they wish to join in.  Holding space in this way is truly a sacred trust. With a willing heart and the help of the Grandmothers, a Beacon cannot go wrong!

No two meetings will be the same because the Grandmothers are creating beauty out of our coming together. It’s magic.