2019-June-18th Anchor Light Where You Stand

2019-June-18th Anchor Light Where You Stand
Anchor Light Where You Stand
 “At this very moment you are standing at a point of power on the Net of Light,” the Grandmothers said, “linked with the Source.  Here you stand and for your commitment to anchor the Net of Light at this critical time, we say, ‘Thank you!’
“The times you are living in are difficult,” they said, serious looks on their faces.  “The times are difficult, but no matter how ugly things may look, or how challenging your life may seem, we assure you that everything is unfolding as it should.  There is purpose to the events occurring now. We understand that given some of what’s taking place on earth, this may be difficult for you to believe.  Perhaps you feel that life is random, that your life is random, but we assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

“You are not a mistake, nor is the path of your life controlled by happenstance.  At this very moment you are exactly where you need to be in order to anchor the Net of Light at this spot on earth.  We have often told you,

‘No one comes to this work unless we call them.’   Well,”

they said, looking me in the eye,

“we   have   called   you, called you so we can work with and through you.  You are an earth anchor for the Net of Light and together we will hold your planet during this most unsteady time.”

“It is because you are this anchor, because you have responded to our call that our work can take place,” they said.  “We remind you that on earth, the Divine must work through human beings.  So we ask you to think of, magnify, and cast the Net of Light for everyone.  Do this each day, for ALL Beings. No exceptions,” they eyed me to be sure I understood.   “The light and love within the Net are there for everyone. Unfortunately some have forgotten that they are part of the great Net of Light, forgotten they are part of the One Love.  But whether they remember it or not, they ARE part of the Net.  So each time you call on it, please recognize the Net’s presence within yourself and within everyone.
“Don’t be deceived by your less awake brothers and sisters,” they said. “No matter how they may behave, they too are part of the One Love, and each time you affirm this truth, they are able to awaken a bit more.  It’s no crime to be asleep,” the Grandmothers said, “but this is not the time for sleeping.  It’s time to wake.  So when you cast the Net of Light, call on the sleepwalkers too.  Call them to the Light.  Your compassion for them will help them remember who they are.  Your generous spirit will help them rejoin the Family of Light.
Beloved Ones,” they said, “stand steady.  Don’t be afraid of the storms and dramas around you, but do the job you were born to do.  Anchor light — right where you stand.”
According to science, the Net of Light is the largest living construct in the Universe. It anchors light throughout the cosmos and is presently holding our planet steady. There are several Net of Light Gatherings coming up to help anchor the Net of Light all over the world. You can register for a Gathering in Ireland, the Netherlands, Pennsylvania or Northern California. If you’d like to join us at a Gathering, go to the events page of netoflight.org.  And if you’d like to join a regional group or start one yourself and learn how to work with the Net of Light, please contact us.  
To hold the earth steady during these most unsteady times, we spread the Grandmothers’ message and teach others how to work with the Net of Light. This we do as service so there is no charge.  
Freydoon Rasoulli, “Flow”