2018-januari-18th Look up and awaken

2018-januari-18th Look up and awaken
Grandmothers message
“Look up and awaken”
the Grandmothers
In the middle of the night the Grandmothers spoke to me, then led me into the darkened garden. “You are deeply loved,” they said. “So deeply,” they shook their heads in wonder. 

“Within the bedrock of your being, in the space between your breaths, you are swollen with love. This is the truth,” they said. “This is what is. Love. Not the actions of the world. Not the busy comings and goings. There is no reality there,” they shook their heads.  

“That is only passing show — changing hourly, nothing but air,” they threw up their hands.

“The deep down holding feeling within you is reality. We have been waiting for you to own it. Own it now.”

“When we come forward to speak to you as we are now, you seldom know what we will say,” they laughed. “Our messages seem to fall onto you and our words surprise you. This is as it should be,” they nodded. “After all, we are not your mind. WE are not limited in any way and truly, neither are you … but you don’t know that yet.   You think you are ‘this one’, this singular one and only ‘this one’.  No, no, no!” the Grandmothers cried. “Awaken now to the flow — to the flow of your being. You are limitless.”

“We just went out into the garden and looked up at the night sky,” they said. “We drew you there so you would look and look again. The night sky will teach you. It is vastness itself.  Limitless.  This is YOUR nature that you are seeing.   When you look up there, you are seeing yourself.  You are kin to the night sky.  The sky is showing you your own self.”

“How then can you suffer?” they asked. “How can you feel lonely when it is YOU who makes up the night sky?  Where is loneliness?” they asked.  “Where is pain?  Separation?   You, who comprise the great Fabric of Being of the universe, tell us this.”

“It is time for you to begin to know yourself.   To own your vastness. You see,” the Grandmothers smiled sweetly, “you encompass it all. You hold everything within the Grand Embrace.   How then can you bear to tease yourself with these notions of limitation and lack?” they asked, shaking their heads in amazement.  “What nonsense!”

“Breathe in the night sky,” they ordered.  “Greet your family–the stars — and merge with the comforting blue-black of space.  Look up and awaken.  Look up and awaken.  It is time.”

Message from the Great Council of the Grandmothers, 1-18-18

Letter from Italy
I’m writing today to tell you that the last two messages from the Grandmothers have had incredible resonance with me. The message about stepping back and loving cruel people from a safe distance came exactly in time. And the last message (about speaking the truth loud and clear about men and women’s issues, although in a selfless manner) also hit home.

It is exactly what I am trying to do here in Italy through social media, commenting and participating in forums and debates and publishing on my Facebook page. I see a lot of hatred, resentment and anger in many women and intuitively I know that’s not the way to change things. If our goal is to live better with boys and men, to shift the “I’m right, your wrong, I’m superior, you’re inferior” paradigm, hostility must end and loving communication must take place.

But I also know that healing is possible only if we acknowledge the truth. In order to change direction we must know where we stand right now. The world must be made safe for the voiceless to be heard and must also be made fair for the loud to tone down and be accountable for their actions.

And this is the slippery bit, isn’t it?  It’s so easy to slip into man-shaming, losing the focus that they too have been harmed and conditioned by patriarchy… It’s so easy to be clouded by our own pain… So, as you can see, the messages from the Grandmothers were spot on for me.

I thank you with all my heart for the work you’re doing. It is precious, It is pure light.

Humongous hugs, dear friends.

Gabriela Catarina Santos,
Milan, Italy



Net of Light Gathering, Joshua Tree, California
April 19th – 22nd, 2018
The Net of Light Team would like to invite ALL who are interested to register now for our annual Net of Light Gathering in the Southern California area.  For the third year running we will be holding the Gathering at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, CA over four days in April:  Thursday the 19th through lunch on Sunday the 22nd.  A half-day outing in the Joshua Tree National Park will be part of the program.

This naturally beautiful and ancient land holds us all in a deep embrace.  The song, ceremony and other exercises are transformative and powerful.

Various room types are available and the pricing (including meals) ranges from $320 (staying offsite) to $440 (double room).  Extra nights may be arranged through the Joshua Tree Retreat Center independently.

Please take some time to explore our Net of Light Website.  Of particular interest are the Songs!  Also, meditations and interviews with Sharon are viewable under Videos

Looking forward to joining hearts together under the desert sun!


Book quote
“Power naturally surges forth from anyone who is plugged into the Source.”
“We encourage you to sit with a straight spine whenever you can, and especially when you cast the Net of Light”…
If at any time you find yourself distressed by what you see in the world around you, assume this grounded posture and go immediately into prayer. And we promise that as soon as you think of the Divine, we, or whatever form of divinity you love, will come and link you with the Source. If a stressful situation comes up, chant the om and sit quietly. The humming vibration of the om will carry added power not only through you, but through the situation you are thinking of.”…..
“We are not saying it is necessary for you to sit in this grounded position in order to pray for and send blessings to others. Nor is it necessary to sound the om. However, these two actions will enable your body to participate more fully in sacred events. And ‘sounding’ like this will amplify the work you do. You will feel more and more joy as you work in this way, and whatever you experience at such a moment will go deep into your cell beds and memory banks.”
“Your body will enjoy this. each time you do it, your body will receive healing. And at the same time you receive healing, you will also be sending it to others.”
“It will happen effortlessly.”
Ch.9, p. 117, Our love is our Power by Sharon McErlane


Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak