The Grandmothers Empowerment

The Great Council of the Grandmothers ask us to pass on their Empowerment to everyone who wants it and this we gladly do—the Caul for women and the Cloak of Comfort for men.

note: The Grandmothers are the actual ones who pass on the Empowerment to us so do not worry about doing it “wrong”. You cannot do it “wrong”. They want every person to receive this gift, and they ask us to simply be their instruments. Now, having said that, here are some guidelines or suggestions you can use.

When offering the Empowerment in a group, stand in a circle holding hands or with your arms around each other. Then call on the Grandmothers and all forms of the Divine. You can say a prayer, read from one of their books or do a short meditation if you like. Then place the caul (a large scarf) over the head of each woman to fully awaken the dormant energy of yin within her. And place the scarf over the shoulders of men to embrace or ‘comfort’ the yang energy within a man. The Grandmothers tell us, “It is time for women to step into their power, to know it and live it, and it is time for women to offer men comfort and support”.

All that’s necessary to receive their Empowerment is a sincere heart and the willingness to receive. No ceremony is necessary but we use ceremony because it takes us into our hearts and stops the incessant chatter of the mind. The Empowerment Ceremony has an affect on us viscerally, emotionally and intellectually. When we receive the Empowerment we feel the energy of yin coming ‘home’ to us.

When it’s your turn to receive the Grandmothers Empowerment, close your eyes and with a grateful and expectant heart, call on them. And if you want, also call in the Ancestors of your Maternal and Paternal lines and the Ancestors of the land where you live so they too can share in this blessing. There is no limitation of time or space with the Grandmothers teachings, so all are welcome to this work. These Ancestors can also share in the healing of yin.

Open to the actual presence of the Grandmothers as the Divine Feminine pours into you. Yin will fill you–physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. The Grandmothers say, “We will fill you full. Let us,” and they always speak the truth.


Notice how your body feels as you receive and then receive even more of this radiant energy. And if there is anything your heart desires, anything you want, inwardly ask for that now and don’t hold back. The Grandmothers say, “We are happy to give and we promise we will either give what you ask for or we’ll give you something better.” Again….after you’ve asked for what you want, notice how your body feels. You are filling with the energy of yin now and your body will teach you what this is like.

While all of this is going on, everyone at the ceremony can place their hand on someone who is receiving the Empowerment or on someone who has their hands on a receiver. The Grandmothers will channel their love through your hands to them. (Sometimes groups are so big that you can’t reach a receiver, but if you place your hands on someone, the love will flow down the line to them.) Then, after those who are receiving the Empowerment have had a few minutes to soak in the energy of yin, the group sings to them. The Grandmothers are singing with you.

“OH, How we love you,

Oh, How we love you.”

–And while you sing this song, it’s lovely to whisper the persons name in their ear– i..e. “Oh how we love you, Manuella,” Oh how we love you…..etc.)

When you are finished, gently remove the caul or cloak of comfort from the person, look into their eyes and embrace them in the Grandmothers’ love. Then, those who have just received the Empowerment, take the scarf and immediately pass the Empowerment on to the next person.

–note: We never charge money for sharing the Grandmothers’ Empowerment or their teachings. The gift of the Empowerment is beyond price and offering everything as service is fundamental to the Grandmothers work. Also, whenever possible, have a woman pass the Empowerment or Cloak of Comfort on to you. Because women are the natural reservoirs of yin for this planet, women hold more yin than do men and can therefore transmit more of it.