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Joshua Tree, CA

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Net of Light Gathering at Joshua Tree Retreat Center :  March 17-20th, 2022

We need a place where humanity and the Spirits of Nature can meet and you must be that ‘place.’

“It’s time to get to know the spirits of nature, to connect with the elemental kingdom of life. We are calling you to this work now,” the Grandmothers said. “To save your planet from destruction and return it to balance, this link between humanity and the natural world must be made. And you,” they said, “are here to do it!”

“Each Net of Light Gathering this year will focus on work with nature. We will begin with the trees—reactivating the template for communication that existed in the old growth forests. The trees’ network of communication is needed once again.”

“Only those who we call to this work will respond,” the Grandmothers have said, so, if they are calling you now, come. We will amplify the power and reach of the Net of Light. Our purpose is Selfless Service to all life, to the planet itself, to the nature spirits and to the spirits of the Ancestors.

We will work with the Net of Light and amplify its healing reach throughout the world. If you wish to be of service to yourself and all beings, please join us.


Information About The Gathering :

The Gathering will be held for 4 days, starting Thursday, March 17th and ending Sunday, March 20nd. It will be held at The Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, California.  It will flow at a leisurely pace, with ample breaks and time for personal exploring. We will take a half-day-trip to the nearby Joshua Tree National Park during the Gathering to do ceremony.

  • Thursday, March 17: Check in from 1 – 3pm outside the Sanctuary. Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 4pm – 9pm (with meals/breaks).
  • Friday, March 18: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary, and at Joshua Tree National Park, from 9am – 9pm (with several breaks and meals).
  • Saturday, March 19: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 9am – 9pm (with several breaks and meals).
  • Sunday, March 20: Program will be held inside the Sanctuary from 9am – Noon; Lunch will be served afterwards.
  • Meals from Dinner on March 17th – Lunch on March 20th, are included in the registration fee.

For additional information (more detailed information about types of rooms, airports and travel, including rideshare can be found) here

To register for the Gathering scroll down to the bottom of this screen and complete the registration form and details per person you are booking for, then click on the blue “Register” button near the bottom of your screen.

If you are planning to stay the night before the event or the night after, this includes room only.

Ridge single $105 (Thursday) $110 (Sunday) per night
Ridge shared $75 (Thursday) $80 (Sunday) per night
Caravansary shared $85 (Thursday) $90 (Sunday) per night

Please contact JTRCC to register for those nights at(760) 469-9764 or email :

Once you have registered, expect timely emails about travel planning, ride-sharing, packing suggestions, and a host of other practical concerns.
(please also keep checking your spam folder)

Questions: contact

Registration opens December 1st, 2021 – closes March 1th, 2022

Caravansary house 2 people with one bathroom
Ridge Cottages house 2 people with one bathroom

Registration is per person, please register each person in your party. 

Cancellation Policy:

Refund all but $25 before February 15, 2022
Refund all but a $100 if cancelled before march 2nd, 2022
No refund after March 2nd, 2022



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