2016-october-01 Let a Great Reconciliation Take Place Within the Center of the United States.

2016-october-01 Let a Great Reconciliation Take Place Within the Center of the United States.
What We Can Do at This Time

“This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net. Take your glorious place.”



Grandmothers message
“Let a Great Reconciliation Take Place Within the Center of the United States.”
the Grandmothers
The wooden spool you see below, bound with red fabric, is actually a petition of signatures presented to Congress in 1881. Such petitions were common at that time–rarely read or acted upon but instead, “bound” with red tape and tabled indefinitely.
This one holds 32,000 signatures from citizens interceding on behalf of Native Americans for the pain and injustices they had endured. “By unanimous consent … 32,000 citizens of the United States” are “praying (for) Congressional legislation to prevent the encroachment of white settlers on Indian reservations, and that the treaties with the Indians be faithfully executed.” This is a photo, of a 135-year old unanswered request.
I received this while working on the up-coming Net of Light Gathering at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio and I was struck by the feeling behind those 32,000 signatures. The prayer of these, our ancestors, is also our prayer. Today great healing is needed in our country, a healing that will bring all Americans together.
Following the Grandmothers guidance, healing will be the focus of the Ohio Net of Light Gathering which will take place Sept. 30-Oct 2. We ask you to join your hearts with ours during that time as together we reach throughout the Net of Light to help speed this “great reconciliation.”
For more information on this work, go to our website www.netoflight.org
On the road in Lithuania


Letter from Wilma and Harry, Dutch musicians, working with the Net of Light who are performing sacred music in Lithuania :

“It is so overwhelming what is happening here and I wanted to tell you something and share my feelings.
We have given now 11 concerts, and yesterday was representative for what is happening every time. We were in a small village, but every chair was occupied! About 40 women (and one man!)
On their faces you could read that life has not been easy for them and they had to work hard and deny their feminity. Strong, manly women. But they came anyway, curious and you could see  the wounds in their eyes, and they had therefore closed their hearts for a part.
And then, after the concert, we opened our eyes and we met 40 pair of soft, open warm eyes. Feminine power, strong but warm and  radiant and soft.
And because we had asked: no applause, and because we don’t speak each others language, there is no escape!  We just sit there and look in each others soul and that is the most beautiful thing that can happen. When we drink coffee, they cannot tell us something about their experience, but they put a hand on their heart and we understand.
And we see that divine feminine power cannot be destroyed, and  is longing to be awakened.
I am so deeply grateful that Harry and I can be an intermediary in this transformation of these beautiful women. Their is so much love in their hearts!
Fifteen years age Harry an I wrote on a paper what was our mission and it was:
We want to bring joy and light with our music. 
And we are doing it! Every evening we deeply thank God for giving us this opportunity. I look around in our camper and I see the tomatoes, the little flowers, the herbs, and apples from the people here!  But what I really see is Love! Isn’t it beautiful? I am so happy!With love, Wilma and Harry ( who is cleaning the toilet and fills the watertank  and is doing the dishes,while I am writing my “beautiful story”, ha ha!)
postscript: The first thing to do this morning was to buy a Lithuanian paper, because we are in the paper now! Large article, photos! We are famous, ha ha!”
Book Quote

You need do nothing
Nothing but love
Take every oppotunity to love
Be the walking prayer
we’ve told you that you are
Living in love is your true nature
So live your nature
Be who you are and enjoy being alive
Hold the Net of Light and observe how the Net of Light holds you
You are precious to the Light
so of course the Net of Light
will support you at every moment
You are the Light within the Net
So claim your birthright
It is time!
Casting the Net, Ch 10, page 134


Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak